Many clients spend a lot of time searching through their closets and/or buying new outfits for their photo sessions and they should, right? These are, after all, pictures they’ll have forever!
Our best advice is to be yourself! Would you naturally go out to the park or a restaurant wearing the same thing as your spouse? Not likely. That’s the main reason why I try to shy clients away from wearing all white/black shirts with denim. It tends to look unnatural.
So, the big question is “What do we wear?” I say, find a style (casual, beachy, dressy, etc.) and then pick a colour scheme. For example, if I wanted a casual autumn style with earth tones: greens, khakis, beiges and browns. That doesn't mean that everyone in the picture has to wear all of those colours, instead just find outfits that complement each other without being too much the same.
Mum’s Inspiration
Let’s be honest, usually mum will be the one picking out the outfits for the whole family. Find your outfit first, use it as inspiration, and build the rest of the family’s outfits that way!
Family Photo Shoot Ideas​​​​​​​
Patterns or…?
Patterns can definitely be used, if done so tastefully. Patterns can overly consume the photo when they’re too loud, and too clashy. We don’t want crazy patterns taking away from the beauty in the image!
Layers are a good thing, If you have a cardigan-shrug-scarf that you’d like to incorporate into an outfit bring it. Think it might be too much? Bring it anyway! You never know how it will look in the camera.
Try the Peter Hurley Squint Test
Still can’t figure out what will work best? Let me introduce you to the squint test! On your bed or couch, lay out the outfits you have for each person in your session. Once all outfits are laid out, step back so you can see all the outfits, and squint your eyes. Everything should blend in perfectly! If there’s something that pops out, it doesn't go. Remember, we’re looking for articles of clothing that complement each other.
Bottom Line: BE YOURSELF!
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